Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 87

DAY 87

I did not sleep well last night.  I was not in my own bed.  I took today off and volunteered at the Paddle as they came into Queets.   My sister and her husband had to get to work at 7 am this morning.  \

Tom and his children went to volunteer too. Rosie and Leonard came back and and I was like ok where do we volunteer at and Leonard says uh you leaving who is going to man the house while people shower.  Well Mercedes and I stayed until 12.00 mannning showers so that 30 folks could shower.  The other showers also broke so we got some others down there who were told that we will let the shower at the house.  

After that we locked up the house and went to volunteer at South Beach Campground where all the canoes were coming into The Queets stop.  This photo was taken from Alicia Olson....Thanks....

I have to tell you my body is sore for standing for 4 hours.  It was fun tho.  

My food intake was 2 slices of toast, a granola bar, bag of cheese popcorn, deer meat, crab, corn of the cob, and some potato salad.  

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Day 86

DAY 86

Tuesday work day.  Tuesday night we went to stay at my sisters house again, since the paddle is coming into Queets tomorrow.  

When I got to my sisters house her side yard had turned into a campground.  The Puyallup Canoe family is camping and showering at their house.  Of course my sister and Leonard are busy with garbage duty and the like.  I am visiting with Tom, Tatum, and Thomas Cox.  They have been at my sisters since Saturday night.  I am so grateful that they let them stay and experience the paddle from their home.  

While I was camping this weekend I was like their has to be something to charge your cell phone in the wilderness and not solar.  Well guess what my coworker Kim found me

A biolite campstove that charges the cell phone with the fire in the canister.  Very cool and I ordered it.  Can not wait to get it.    

My sister Rosie is trying the 7 day challenge and she is happy this far.  Remember you can order Plexus Slim at my website  

Food diary today.... a little hashbrowns,  2 eggs with bacon, for lunch a half of a odyseey, and for dinner I had a little spaghetti made with ground chicken.  


Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 85

DAY 85

Today was weigh day and I am now down another 1.7 lbs for a total of 24.6 lbs.  

Today was my first day back from my min vacation, I had lots of work ready for me when I got to work.  Took a while to get ready for bed since I think I needed sleep.  I ended up driving today too.  

Work was long but I did it.  Came home and had to put away 40 lbs of burger.  Mom went and got our Zaycon delivery.  Chicken is on sale right now through them too.  

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Take the 7 day challenge....

So my food today was as follows a mini bagel with peanut butter, 1/2 a peach yogurt, a 1/2 of an odyssy wrap from Diedra's, and a 1/2 of a hamburger patty for dinner.  Got my water in today too.  All of it.  


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 84


Well today  I took Tatum and Mercedes to church and then to lunch at the Amanda Park Merc. Mercedes has nuggets from here every Sunday....  

I basically did laundry and dishes and cooked dinner for the family today.  Tom and Thomas went fishing.  

We made necklaces for the paddle

She was so excited to make necklaces that she wanted to take them home.  

Food for today a corn dog, 2 jojo, scrambeled eggs, a slice a bacon, and for dinner some beef stew,,,

So glad to be back to internet.


Day 83


WELL TODAY IS AN ADVENTURE.....We got news that the canoes were not coming into Lapush tonight so we decided to head south to Queets since my sister lives there.  She was totally ok with it. Which made me happy.  

We crashed her house.  Oh ya I want to thank Leonard and Rosie for letting my friends crash her house.  Her sister in law was throwing a birthday party.  So we both pitched in and helped Tom BBq and I did dishes.  

I am so glad that my sister Rosie let us all stay in the house and not camp outside.  warmness I tell ya. I do not think that I am a tent camping kind of girl.  

My food consumption today was 1/2 of a campfire waffle, meat and cheese, 1/2 hamburger and some potato salad and macaroni salad/  

The funnest part of the of the day was when Christine asked Tom if his wife needed cake.  He was like wife oh Davina, Uh no she does not eat cake.   LOL that was so funny.  

Day 82


ONE DAY INTO CAMPING.  Oh my goodness the best part of today was while we were out at Rialto Beach I took Tom and the kids photo and she was mad cause I did not take her photo oh my she cried about it.  

Today we took a ride out to the village at LaPush and to Rialto Beach ad to the fishing rivers.  Each of Tom's kids wanted an hour with their dad so he took turns and the other one stayed with me at camp while Mercedes slept.  

While out at camp I was thinking I need to make a charging port for my charger that is run on sun or dirt.  LOL

I was working on my side business too while out on the camping front.  Remember you can check out my side business at  I got a couple of 7 days in this week and already sold them both.  

After dinner we went to go fishing and you all know I am not a fishing kind of girl look what I did to the reel..

uh ya I not a fishing girl.  Neither is Mercedes although she called papa to tell him that she did not catch a fish.  

We took a shower on this day since she likes to play in the mud

My food diary for today we had a turkey sandwich turkey and mustard and bread.  salami and cheese, Chips and Salsa, Keilbalsa, and a small burger.  


Day 81


So I took today off I mailed out 5 packages to my new customers.  I mailed them all a new water bottle with the plexus logo on them.  I hope they all liked them.  

So today I am going camping with a friend that I have not seen since 2002, we used to work together at the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino. He found me on facebook last month.  I am very excited to see him.  

He made reservations at the Lake Pleasant Resort hmm they lied it was not a resort.  It was an RV Park right off of the main 101 and all the RV's had tarps on them with some very shaddy people. UH ya we are not staying there.  So we drove back to the store and the woman gave us some phone numbers to two places.  The first one I called was the La Push Ocean Resort and they wanted 40 per night on the beach.  We ended up staying at 3 Rivers which is not on  a river and it is on the main 110 road.  

We got camp up and made dinner and smores and headed to bed.

Also we are up there to see the canoes come into LaPush, as I called my ssister I was told that they had to be trailered in from Port Townsend due to the fog.

Food consumption......6 nuggets, 1 iced latte, 1 hotdog, 1 smore, 100oz of water, 1 Popsicle .


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 80

Day 80

Today is Wednesday and it is a great day for my sales... I had two new customers sign up today.  I was talking to the woman and her mom was in another room, she came in and said can you start over.  She signed up too.  If you want to check my side business out you can go to my website at   

Mercedes and I are leaving for camping tomorrow which means that we will be offline, which means that I will have to take pen and paper with me so that I can blog and then transfer it to my blog when I get home.  I have to bring firewood, marshmallows, and chocolate.  We will be taking lots of photos.  I hope that Mercedes catches a fish.  Uh ya no I will not be fishing but she can.  

I am off work until Monday.  whoohoohoo relaxation right.  

My food consumption today is a Turkey sausage, egg whites and cheese bowl, 2 tacos with steak, and for dinner a taco salad.  

Have a great rest of the week and chat with you all sometime later this weekend


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 79

DAY 79


Just wanted to give a shout out to all my new preferred customers with my Plexus product.  A little story a friend of mine ordered the 7 day and just by trying it one day she realized that she would need a little more and today she became a preferred customer.  YEAH... Another person who purchased the Slim and Accelerator back at the beginning of June went preferred today too.

I worked out at the gym today doing the treadmill.  I ran 2.03 miles in the allotted 30 min that I have for lunch.  I was a little slow going at the beginning but finished running at 4.6 not fast but fast for Davina.  

Food consumption for fried egg, 2 slices of bacon, one mini bagel, half of a tuna sandwich with tomato and lettuce, 2 chicken nuggets, migas(eggs, cut up bacon, and  corn tortillas)  lots of water...

I got my air mattress for camping, bug spray, a lantern, and I got baby girl her very own chair.  

Have a fantastic rest of your Tuesday


Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 78



So I am going camping this week it should be fun.  I might even fish, well who the knows maybe.  My friend called me today and we were talking about the trip and he says do you like coffee and I am sure he then proceeds to tell me that he is not making me a latte.  He must think that I am a little miss prissy girl who has never camped. LOL  But I am not touching worms or fish.  

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So my food consumption today was.................min bagel with peanutbutter, half of a bacon turkey sandwich, 1 cube steak, bag of kettle chips regular......144 oz of water

Excited that this week will only be three days..


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 77

Day 77

Sunday a day of rest and worship..... My daughter calls church dance.. Mom are we going to Dance.....Today was a good day I seen my grandparents and my aunts... all in one place.  Took the day off to rest my hip I may have to go to the really aches... 

I challenge you to take the Plexus Slim Challenge.  7 days can change your life.  it has for me. You can check out my website at www.plexusslim.comm/thinkslimdrinkpink  I bought two of these packs and sold both of them today.  I placed another order for a couple more.  

Tomorrow is the day that I weigh in and just 13 days left for my 90 day weigh in and measurements...

I told Mercedes last week that we were going camping and that is all that she talks about.  I hope that she has lots of fun and catches a fish.  I am excited myself.

My food diary for today is a peanut butter mini bagel, 1/4 cup of mashed potatoes, about 3 oz of roast beef, and slice of strawberry pie.

It has been a very relaxing day.  


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 76

DAY 76

Today Mercedes and I did the Lake Fair 8k I did it in 1:14:20 That is better than last years 5 mile race in Westport.  It was under a 15 minute mile pushing a stroller with a 40 lb child.  I ran and walked.  Mercedes fell asleep at mile one and woke up at mile 5.  That meant that I took the Ipod from her and listened to music.  Here is a photo of 4 other people that ran the half marathon and did really well.  

I bought a new tank top, but it was way too long and my running skirt I do not like the shorts underneath they are too short and do not cover my thigh enough..  I guess once I loss another 20 lbs I might be able fit in more of my other clothes.  

After the race Mercedes and I headed to Babys r us t get Nikki Lynn My goddaughter soon to be new baby some cool baby stuff for the baby shower that was today.  I enjoyed myself at the baby shower and I won some prizes too.  

Sleeping in tomorrow, I also got my plexus vinyls to affix them to my water bottles. 

Oh ya nice photo.......

Remember you can check out my website 

Food for the day was bacon egg breakfast sandwich from Starbucks, mini croissant roast beef, a few chips, 3 steak corn tortilla tacos. 

Very excited to go camping next weekend.  

Have a wonderful evening

Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 75

DAY 75

I worked half  of a day today.  I went and got a massage and I tell you I told her that my left hip was very sore I guess it is the muscles around the hip socket.  She put these warm packs on it and then worked it out and showed me some stretches for it.  

Mercedes and I are staying in Olympia tonight we are going to to do the Lake Fare 8k tomorrow morning.

 We went and seen the movie Turbo oh man that was a great movie and so funny.  

We went for a visit to see Michelle in Tumwater. We graduated from high school together it was a nice but short visit.  

Got back to the hotel and we swam for a half hour and that was all that Mercedes wanted so it was quick.    She is out...

Remember you can check out Plexus at my website

So my food today was.....a turkey sausage and egg white bowl, a turkey and Havarti panini, a hotdog, about a cup of popcorn.  water water water


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 74

DAY 74

This day started off with meeting for half the day.  Got back to the office and Kim and I hit the gym.  We did the Precore Elliptical for 30 minutes today.  WOWSA my left hip/flexor really hurts.  I hope that my massage tomorrow will stretch it out since I have a five mile race on Saturday morning. 

Mercedes and I are going to Olympia tomorrow and staying the night.  I hope that we can get into the pool this time around too without lots of softball girls in the pool. 

Oh yes tomorrow is Friday very excited about that point.  Cause then next week is only three days then two days of vacation.  Oh yes camping here I come. 

Well my little cousin Cinderella left for Arkansas today.  I will miss my little book nerd who I could trade books with.  She will have to wait until Christmas to read any of my books now.  Here she is as a little girl on her scooter.  

Check out my website for some information on Plexus Slim...  Give the 3 day or even the 7 day challenge a chance.  It will change your life.

Food consumption for today is as follows 2 egg 1 slice bacon in a cup, a 16 oz ice vanilla latte, a cup of lettuce with mozza and olives and blue cheese, a slice of strawberry, a meat and bean tostada.  Lots of water...


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 73

DAY 73

My dad is quite the salesman for my Plexus Products.  He is handing out my  business cards left and right.  I am actually going to meet one of the wives that he gave the card to the husbands.  I think he wants part of my commissions.  LOL :)  It really is that he has seen first hand the benefits of Plexus with my mom and her diabetes medicine.  Yes it has now been cut in half.

You can check out my side business by clicking on the above link.  It will take you to my website.  Once on there if you have questions you can message me or text me or even call me.  One quick drink every morning and the weight comes off.  It also has some great diabetic leveling side affects too.  There are also products for pain management on the website too not just weight loss.  You can do a 7 day trial to see if it works for you and also a three day trial. 

You will save yourself some money if you become an ambassador, you will make commissions on your own purchases why not, right?

Today was a good day at work got stuff done and submitted a few time off requests for  a couple more summer trips.  Going camping next week and then family reunion the next weekend after that.  I love summer and sunshine.

Family is where it is at that is how I feel.  Camping Camping Camping

So my food diary for today is mini bagel, peanut butter, peach yogurt, for lunch I had a bag of BBq chips and three bites of a chicken salad wrap.  ( I wanted my chips more), and for dinner I ate a slice of strawberry pie.  Drinking my water I have another 24 oz still to go.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 72

DAY 72

Today was a busy day, payroll processing.... Very busy... People should not plan meetings on the morning after a pay period ending.  This does not make the Payroll lady very happy.... It delays my job.  I think that they got the point today as I am yelling in the phone what kind of people plan a meeting when they should be signing time sheets....My rant for the day.

My family reunion is the first weekend in August I can not wait, I hope to see these funny faces there.  

I did get a 2 mile run in today.  Kim kept bugging me to run today I was not going to but I did. Despite the fact I had already eaten lunch.  I do not eat before I run. She wanted to run fast so I told her to keep going and when she got back to me I would turn around and run back with her, but when she got to me I want to finish the whole thing and I did.  Yes she made it back to the office before me, but I finished in my own time.  remember I weigh 70 lbs more than her I can not run at her pace. I learned how to run with a heart rate monitor, I really need to find the one that I already have.  I see that most people around here run with a Garmin never have done that before those watches are like $140 wowsa
Oh look one with a heart rate monitor

My food diary is as follows a mini bagel, one fried egg, 1 slice of bacon with some mustard and made that into a sandwich. Cup of homemade coffee.  
Refried beans and chicken fajita filling and some lettuce with a side of chips, and for dinner one half of a hamburger with bun and slices of tomatoes.   All my water abut 144 oz.

Tomorrow we are going to the MOMS meeting to support one of our ARNP's.   

I think I am going to go camping next week with some friends.  



Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 71

Day 71

I weighed today and I did not quite make the 2 lbs I had hoped for, but I did lose 1.2 nevertheless.  I am now at 210.8 which is a total of 21.8 lbs, since May 6th.  I feel better and I know that my clothes are fitting better. My belly is not as prominent either. Both of my parents are also taking Plexus and are doing wonderful. 

You can find out any questions that you may have about Plexus by checking out my website

If you just want to try Plexus they do have a 7 day trial package, but I know that if you do that you will want a month.  Remember it will take probably take 2-3 days to get your order.  I do have to say that everyone that has ordered from me has been satisfied and are losing weight. 

Tomorrow is a busy day for me in the office, today was not. I did get a lot done.  Happy Birthday Dani......this photo was like 5 years ago

This weekend is the LakeFair 8k n Saturday morning.  I think Mercedes and I will stay in Olympia on Friday night..that way we do not have to drive so early on Saturday morning.  

My food for today is as follows yogurt, mini bagel with peanut butter, 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 babybel cheeses, a chimichanga, 1/4 cup of boiled potatoes, and a little slice of ham.  Water water water


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 70

DAY 70

Today my mom, Mercedes and I went to Ocean Shores to do the 5k portion of the Tri freaks big Ocean shores weekend.  We did better than we did at McCleary.  

It seems every time I take my mom with me she seems to take home some hardware or place.  At the end of June she did the Hoquiam 5 k and placed 2nd in her age group.  Yesterday at the Bear Festival she placed 1st, and today she place 2nd.  She said well I was the only one in my age group at the Bear Festival and I told her that at least she went out there.  

I gotta say that mom and I did better in Ocean Shores even with a head wind than we did at McCleary.... It was very cold in Ocean Shores thank goodness I have some friends there.  Carol brought us a blanket for Mercedes she was freezing.

After the race we went to Our Place and ordered breakfast mom and I shared and that was plenty.  

My mom and I have prepped for the week.  We have boiled our eggs, our turkey breast is in the crock pot.  It will make out eating for the week much easier...We also have a yummy ham in the oven too.

I bought some more water bottles and am now waiting on my vinyl letters.  

Tomorrow is a weigh day.  I am hoping for about 2 lbs.  My dad is now down about 10 lbs.. He is doing wonderful.  

Food diary today is a mini bagel with peanut butter, My mom and I split a ham and cheese omelet and some hash browns and half of an English muffin, 4 nuggets, a pepperoni stick,  and lots of water...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 69

DAY 69

Today my mom, Mercedes and I did the 5k at the McCleary Bear Festival.  Uh we went the wrong way, but we did finish it.  I think it had something to do with the fact that they ran out of 5k numbers so they gave us 2 mile numbers and we were sent the wrong way.  Oh well I will preregister next year.  

My mommy is tired.. and we have another one tomorrow in Ocean Shores we will do the 5k  That will be one busy weekend.  Hopefully tomorrow we will be faster. My mom got a medal too she was first in her age group.  :)

After the race we went to Centraila to this store called Madsen.  He had to get new boots they were duck taped on Thursday....and of course they had to be made in America.  

I have never seen Die Hard with a Vengeance it is pretty good.  Oh school cell phones on there.

Food diary for the day, A slice of cheese pizza, 3 taco truck tacos, and a slice of strawberry pie.  I am super full.  I did get all my water in today.  

My mom has lost 17 lbs since the 2nd week of May and her blood sugars are drastically down.... I love the pink drink.  

If you want to check out plexus go to my website


Day 68

DAY 68


Today was the typical Friday.  I had a lot to do, and things that I needed to do too.  Fridays are my massage days and also errand running days.  I get to work Monday through Thursday about a half an hour early by riding the bus.  This gives me two hours on Friday to get my things done.  

I drove to work today and left a little later than normal and did not get the garbage out in time..  wow week two.. I totally need to remember to do this on Thursday nights.  

My dad is quite the salesman he said that he handed out two of my side business cards yesterday to some truckers in Port Angeles.  He even gave a card out to my one of my cousins..

There is not very many days left until football season starts.  I think I need some nails like the ones below.  h ya go Dallas

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to do the McCleary Bear Festival 5k race.  Then on Sunday we are doing the Ocean Shores big weekend.  

Food diary for today was as follows A slice of strawberry pie, one pepperoni stick, 2 chicken nuggets, and a half of a cheese burger with half of the bun included.  All my water...

It has been a long week good night


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 67

OK I took measurements today and here is what I got

Right upper arm
Hmm maybe we measured wrong last time :)
Left upper arm
Right upper leg
Left upper leg
Hmm maybe we measured wrong last time :)

May 6th that is me in the purple and today July 11th me in the brown, I am down 20.6 lbs and many inches as you can see above.

I am heading to the gym at 4.30 am I will get to town by 5.30 am.  I will be meeting Kim there to run on the treadmill, since I had meetings today so I was not feeling it the gym that is.

Clothes are fitting better still in between sizes at this moment.  

I am combining exercise with my Plexus and yes I am eating food just smaller portions.
That is my website were you can find out more information or you can text me or Private message me.

Today was very busy with 2 meetings and trying to get monthend completed and off my desk.  

My food consumption today was a mini bagel with peanut butter, about 1/4 cup of cherries, a half of an oydessy from Diedra's.  I ate a slice Strawberry pie with cool whip for dinner.  I drank my 144 oz of water today.